Month: July 2021

Automatic Storage System: Types and Characteristics


The automatic storage system makes it easier for companies to differentiate their offer and organization of products and services. Experience shows us a significant reduction in costs and an increase in the productivity of the logistics chain These systems are designed to be operated through stacker cranes for pallets automatically. For this, robotic cargo handling equipment is used. 

What Is The Automatic Storage System About?

We are talking about a highly reliable storage solution. Its great advantage is that it minimizes errors in the handling of load units. It also allows obtaining an inventory of the stored products immediately. In this way, we reduce response times. Finally, thanks to its precision, we can store products exactly. Thus, we arrive at “high density” shelving, which allows better use of space.

Advantages of the

  • Maximum use of space at height.
  • High productivity and availability.
  • Systems with high security for personnel and cargo.
  • Maintenance cost reduction.
  • Precision in cargo handling
  • Increase in the density of load units per surface.
  • Adaptable to spaces, loads, and weights.
  • Possibility of different levels of automation.

Types of

automatic storage systems

There are several automatic storage systems. Among them, we find the following:

  • Unload shelving for unit loads. Designed for the individual storage of load units automatically.
  • Miniload shelving for unit loads. It is used to store small and light loads with a lot of rotation in height automatically. It is fast and increases productivity thanks to automation, characterized by its high density, and is very reliable since it minimizes handling errors of the load units.
  • Conventional racking with stacker crane. They solve storage problems at high altitudes and with reduced work aisles, optimizing spaces, volumes, and times. It is equipped to handle load units of various weights automatically by means of stacker cranes.

Thanks to these automatic storage systems we achieve an increase in productivity and we manage to eliminate errors in the process. Automation will also provide us with storage solutions at great heights and with aisles reduced in width, which optimizes storage capacity.

Automatic Storage To Be Competitive

Automation is essential for a competitive supply chain. How to choose the automatic storage system that best suits my logistics? Each one offers a series of features and functionalities depending on the load unit, the number of references, the volume of inputs and outputs, etc. Faced with so many variables, it is best to approach a specialist for advice. These experts carefully analyze the characteristics of your company in order to find the best automation solution.

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