Termite Treatments Are Not Definitive: Discover The Terrible Truth

Sep 27, 2021 Uncategorized


“Eliminating termites is impossible. Termite treatments are not conclusive. You can only do a treatment with toxic once a year to limit the infestation and keep it under control “. This is a statement some exterminators will make. But is it true? Find out in this article.

The Anti-Termite Treatments Not To Do

If you have a termite attack it is advised not to try to solve the infestation with “do it yourself” techniques Termites are very complex insects that are difficult to approach. Do you think that there are pest control companies that do not feel like intervening turn their customers to our group? If they can’t do it, let alone a person who has another job in life.

Also, avoid spraying insecticides on attacked sites Forget toxic fumigations or self-dispensing cans. Insecticides in these cases are not the winning weapon. You only eliminate the specimens you hit but you do not solve the root problem (since the nest or nests do not know where they are).

Do not use liquid woodworm insecticides With these, you can wet the wood only superficially. Unfortunately, termites eat it from the inside. Termites leave only a film of surface wood, as a screen against the light (they are insects that hate direct sunlight).


How Many Types Of Termites Are There?

Let’s clarify for a moment. Let’s go back to the first thing a competent company should do in a termite infestation case: identify the termite species. This is crucial because there are two types of termites:

  • The dry wood termites: those that make one or more nests in wood that attack;
  • The underground termites: those that make their nests in the ground and move to eat the wood outside the nest.

The Definitive Anti-Termite Treatments

To eliminate termites, the nest or nests must be eliminated. It is in the nest that the queen resides, who produces new workers every day. As you will have understood, nests are not always found on feeding sites. 

Therefore, dry wood termites need to be treated in one way, while underground ones in another. The former is treated directly in the wood where they eat and where they have their nests. Subterranean termites are a little more complicated. This is because the nest or nests are not found on the attached wooden materials. Instead, they are hidden underground who knows where.

Anti-Termite Treatments Of Dry Wood

Since this type of termite nests and eats in wood it must:

  1. Monitor the wood and locate the nests through a non-destructive microwave detection system. This treatment can track down the termites, nests, and passage solutions that these xylophagous insects create.
  2. Treat the nests in spots using microwaves combined with a protective treatment Microwaves are a great way to eliminate nests within attached wood once they have been mapped and properly located. 

Underground Anti-Termite Treatments

Subterranean termites need to be approached differently. This is because it is impossible to discover the nests that can be found even tens of meters from the attached wood. For this, a bait system must be used. In fact, termites usually pass food between them. This habit is technically called ” trophylaxis “. The baits are made of cellulose activated with an active ingredient capable of killing the termites that eat it.

Turbo Termite Inspectors and Fumigation will help you get rid of both underground and dry wood termite with the best approaches.